The Six of Cups and Temperance: Nostalgic Longing in the Age of Anxiety.

Welcome to another edition of Tarot Odd Couples, wherein I draw two cards from the Tarot deck, discuss how they relate to each other, how to read them together, and then yammer for a bit about the bigger ideas contained within. LIKE I AM SOME SORT OF WISE PERSON. Snort.
Today: The Six of Cups and Temperance.

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The Eight of Swords and the Four of Wands: Maybe Everything isn’t Horrible, or, Staying Optimistic in Chaotic Times.

Welcome to the second edition of Tarot Odd Couples, where I shuffle and pick two random cards from a tarot deck and discuss how to interpret them together. Also I rant about stuff. And relationships. Yes, all that. ALL THAT IN ONE MAGICAL POST HOW DO I DO IT?

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