The Hanged Man in love: What to do when it’s best to do nothing.

Getting the Hanged Man in a tarot spread, especially if it’s a romance spread…tends to make people slump. They either assume it is a bad card, or they just…blank out, and spend time on all the cards around it, carefully avoiding it like the upside down elephant in the room. But…I am here to make an argument that The Hanged Man is a friend. A good friend. The one that gently but exasperatingly tries to get you to PUT DOWN THE SHOVEL (or that phone!) and quit digging yourself in deeper.

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The Six of Cups and Temperance: Nostalgic Longing in the Age of Anxiety.

Welcome to another edition of Tarot Odd Couples, wherein I draw two cards from the Tarot deck, discuss how they relate to each other, how to read them together, and then yammer for a bit about the bigger ideas contained within. LIKE I AM SOME SORT OF WISE PERSON. Snort.
Today: The Six of Cups and Temperance.

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